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CSPs face challenges to their traditional business model from falling voice margins, costs of new investments, and new competitors – IT and Internet companies.
To thrive, today’s media companies must anticipate trends, monetize content and innovate across the entire entertainment experience.


Media and entertainment companies need to be able to anticipate trends, monetize content and be innovative across the entire entertainment experience. Our media and entertainment solution portfolio enables you to design, create and deliver engaging experience for your customers while enabling you to:

  • Monetize content across multiple channels
  • Provide actionable, unparalleled customer intelligence
  • Enable seamless, connected user experiences
  • Deliver operational efficiencies, to enable more innovation


Transform and monetize media processing and delivery

  • Cloud Solutions for Media

Enable unparalleled actionable intelligence

  • Actionable Analytics Services
  • Interactive Media Command Center

Deliver operational optimization

  • Data Center, Workload and Cloud Services
  • Business Process Services (BPS)
  • Applications Transformation to Cloud
  • Enterprise Cloud Services

Distribute content efficiently worldwide

  • SpeedVideo Content Delivery Network – CDN Solution

Disclaimer – All the solutions are HP solution for Media and entertainment.

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