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HP Solution portfolios

HP Solution portfolios

  • Autonomy portfolio
  • Vertica portfolio

Autonomy portfolio


IDOL, the OS for Human Information

With HP IDOL, you can access, analyze, understand, and act on large amounts of human information from virtually any source, including both cloud and on premise, including text, image, audio, video, social media, and structured data in databases. These capabilities make IDOL the OS for human information.

HP IDOL Functions

Built on mathematical foundations of probabilistic modelling and pattern-matching, IDOL forms an understanding of content that powers functions to analyze text, video, audio, image, or all of the above. IDOL is a true enterprise platform designed to solve your toughest challenges. hardest problems.

HP IDOL Connectors

HP IDOL Connectors perform the work of extracting data from any type of repository and indexing the data into HP IDOL for information processing. Each connector extracts the entire content of a given file to ensure complete accuracy. With access to virtually every piece of content, IDOL provides a 360-degree view of your organization's data assets.


HP’s HAVEn platform brings together everything you need to profit from Big Data. Comprised of hardware, software, and services, HAVEn helps you make the critical business transformation to connected intelligence and analytics-driven decision making.


  • Information Analytics
  • Unified Information Access
  • Information Archiving
  • eDiscovery
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Data Protection
  • Marketing Optimization
  • Customer Communications Management


Products for IT

  • HP IDOL Connectors
  • HP IDOL for Hadoop
  • HP KeyView
  • HP Surveillance
  • HP Healthcare Analytics
  • HP Broadcast Monitoring
  • HP Universal Search
  • HP Process Automation
  • HP TeleForm
  • HP Data Protector
  • HP Connected Backup
  • HP LiveVault

Products for Legal & Compliance

  • HP Consolidated Archive
  • HP Legal Hold
  • HP eDiscovery
  • HP Universal Search for WorkSite
  • HP Scrittura
  • HP Structured Data Manager
  • HP Supervisor
  • HP Digital Safe
  • HP WorkSite
  • HP WorkSite Records Manager
  • HP Records Manager
  • HP ControlPoint
  • HP Flow CM

Products for Marketing

  • HP TeamSite CMS
  • HP MediaBin
  • HP Qfiniti
  • HP Optimost
  • HP Explore
  • HP Media Aggregation Service
  • HP Digital Marketing Hub

Vertica portfolio


The HP Vertica Analytics Platform enables organizations to manage and analyze massive volumes of data quickly and reliably with no limits or business compromises that typically accompany traditional enterprise data warehouses. You can also accelerate business value from a vastly expanded variety of data by exploring and analyzing of all forms of data, including “dark data.” And with expanded deployment options, you get the flexibility to deploy analytics where it’s needed – on industry-standard hardware, virtual machines, or in the cloud.

HP Vertica Analytics Platform

The next-generation analytics platform that shines a light on dark data. With the ever-growing volume, variety, and velocity of data, you can’t let analytical query performance get in the way of your most important business decisions. With HP Vertica Enterprise Edition software you get high-performance data analytics for all of your data to make better business decisions in real time.

HP Vertica Flex Zone

The latest product addition to the HP Vertica Analytics Platform allows organizations to explore semi-structured data with the ease of SQL, simplifies preparation, extraction and access to data, and taps into the power of the HP Vertica Analytics Platform to ultimately monetize your data.

HP ConvergedSystems 300 for Vertica

Simplify your approach to big data analytics with HP converged infrastructure. HP ConvergedSystems 300 for Vertica is a pre-tested, pre-integrated, and workload-optimized solution that shortens your deployment time for HP Vertica.


Organizations are struggling to derive business value from ever expanding Big Data. Legacy data warehousing and analytics platforms don’t deliver the speed and scale necessary in today’s Big Data world. HP Vertica provides the speed and scale necessary to find the insights hidden in massive amounts of data.

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Modernization
  • Customer Analytics Solutions
  • Patient Analytics
  • Operations Analytics
  • Hadoop Acceleration
  • Communications & Service Providers
  • Financial Services
  • Web 2.0 & Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Sensor Analytics
  • Purpose Built For OEM
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